The atmospheric and the space itself, with all its manifestations, are often the starting point in Wolfgang Karl May's work. Inspiring impressions, formally unusual and challenging impulses from outside, or spontaneous ideas, encounter inner processes of sorting and intuitive connection. His installations attempt to lead the viewer to a new experience and perception and often enable immersive experiences. The space itself is an integral part of his artwork, but he transforms it decisively and gives it a new atmosphere. In his paintings, objects and performances, he also encourages us to think beyond the given, to remain flexible, to connect the historical with our own lives and to conquer new - airy - spaces. His works are thus an invitation to trace and reflect on one's own being, one's own perception and one's own feelings about art, are testimonies to a contemplative and philosophical examination of the nature of art and a tool for a new way of experiencing the world, which seeks to transform and sensitise in all directions, according to the premise of his performance: "Let's get out of here!". 
Wolfgang Karl May studied communication design in Augsburg from 1989-1993. In 1993 he began his studies in painting, object art and free graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, where he explored the conditions of painting and began to seek answers to the question: "What is a picture? In 1996, he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, where he attended the master school for sculpture under Professor Bruno Gironcoli. In 1997, he attended the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London on a scholarship, where he explored the boundaries of sculpture. In 2000 he was awarded a Master of Arts in Vienna. In 2002, he received a DAAD scholarship for a one-year stay in New York, where he studied at the Union Institute, Performance Art. 
Wolfgang Karl May has received several awards and scholarships during his artistic career. In 2002, he was also honoured with the Volker Hinniger Art Prize of the City of Bamberg. In 2000 he was honoured with the Debutante Prize of the Bavarian State and in 1999 he received the graduation prize of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. 
Wolfgang Karl May exhibits both nationally and internationally. His solo exhibitions include "Splaces 21" at the University of Witten/Herdecke in 2011, "Dürer Ahoy" at the Albrecht Dürer House in Nuremberg in 2009 and "Pink" at the Dabora Gallery in New York in 2003. 
Wolfgang Karl May has participated in group exhibitions including "the beauty of covid" Berlin 2023, "Lost and Found 2" in Nuremberg in 2021, Colours Go Lightly - a homage to colour, Bridgehampton, New York/US 2012, When a tree falls in the forest, Pastiche, Sølyst Artist Center, Denmark 2010, I spy, gallery 1997 – 1999, London/ England and „esperanto, brick 5, Vienna/ Austria.
The artist lives and works as a freelance artist in Nuremberg.


1993-1996 Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg/ Germany – Painting, Object Art and Free Graphic
1997 Chelsea College of Art and Design London/ UK – sculpture
1996-2000 Academy of Fine Arts Vienna/ Austria – Masterschool for Sculpture
1996-2000 Prof. Bruno Gironcoli
2000 Master of Arts
2002-2003 Union Institute New York/ US (DAAD)

Scholarships & prizes

2011 artist in Residence, Uni Witten/ Herdecke
2002 DAAD-one year grant for New York
2002 Volker Hinniger art price Bamberg
2002 sponsorship for studio fees from the Bavarian State
2000 Debutantprice, Bavarian State
1999 graduate art price, Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg
1998 class price, Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg
1997 grant of the Bavarian State/ International Summeracademy Salzburg Austria Performance by Valie   
1997 Socrates grant, Chelsea College of Art and Design London
1995 Academyprice, Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg

Solo exhibitions

2011 Splaces 21, University Witten/Herdecke
2009 Dürer Ahoi, at Albrecht-Dürer-Haus Nuremberg
2009 pop up, Zimmerstrasse, Berlin
2008 hazardous, Zumikon, Nuremberg
2008 „homework“, Academy gallery, Nuremberg
2003 pink, Dabora gallery, New York
2002 homegame II, museum Old Cityhall, Bamberg
2002 New Level, gallery art A.T.O.M, Vienna/ Austria
1997 form without content, gallery Alcatraz, Salzburg/ Austria
1997 Wolfgang Karl May, Academy of Fine Arts in Nürnberg

Group exhibitions

2023 Beauty of Covid, Kleiner Wasserspeicher, Berlin
2023 Gedanken spielen verstecken, KunsthausMitte, Berlin
2021 Lost and Found 2, Nuremberg
2016 Kölner Liste, Köln
2015 ConsumArt, Nürnberg
2014 Slalom, Kunstkirche St. Egidien, Nürnberg
2014 „70 Jahre Befreiung Auschwitz, Performance mit Ulrike Distler, Nürnberg
2012 „und der Gewinner ist …“ Kunsthaus, Nürnberg
2012 Immaginäre Reisen, Amerika Haus, Berlin
2012 Colours Go Lightly – a homage to colour, Bridgehampton, New York
2010 When a tree falls in the forest, Pastiche, Sølyst Artist Center, Denmark
2010 „anniversary show, Invaliden 1, Berlin
2009 90 Jahre Baumhaus, ACC Galerie, Weimar
2009 celebrations, Kunstverein Stadt Deggendorf
2009 Land Kunst – Kunst Land, Kulturpalast, Anwanden
2009 Die unendliche Schleife, Zumikon Nuernberg
2009 art for the next hard winter, Penn State, USA
2008 wunderlust, Kopeikin gallery, Los Angeles
2008 wunderlust, gallery Invaliden1, Berlin
2007 „esperanto, brick 5, Vienna/ Austria
2006 dormArt, Depot, Dortmund (Jan Hoet, Peter Friese)
2004 In himmlischen Höhen, Egidienkirche, Nuremberg
2003 more light, Goethe Institut, New York
2003 night stand, Williamsburg artspace, New York
2000 treehouse-exhibition, Kochstrasse 21, Nuremberg
2000 blue, gallery for Contemporary art, Bamberg
2001 blue night, Video performance, Katharinen Ruine, Nuremberg
2001 Debutants-exhibition, New Exhibitionhall Academy Nuremberg
2001 Artspace Frankonia, Arthouse, Nuremberg
2001 Albrecht Dürer society, Kunstverein Nuremberg
2000 No block, Nantes, France
2000 home game, gallery for contemporary art, Bamberg
2000 MFA-show, masterclass Gironcoli, Vienna/ Austria
2000 Young artgeneration, Gallery17, Vienna/ Austria
2000 I spy, gallery 1997 – 1999, London
2000 block, gallery apex art, New York (curated by Ute Meta Bauer)
2000 Young Art 2000, Palais Dorotheum, Vienna/ Austria
2000 Incarnation, Munich, Ansbach, Würzburg, Regensburg,Augsburg, Bayreuth,Nuremberg
1999 trade-mark, final show, Nuremberg
1999 movie night, Communication Center, Nuremberg
1999 now“-exhibition, Nürbanum, Nuremberg
1999 art students exhibit, Exhibitionhall of Germany, Bonn
1994 artprice economy, AEG, Nuremberg
1994 Rough House, former toyshop, Nuremberg
1994 six artists, Projectspace, Nuremberg
1994 Class Dienst, Academy of Fine Arts in Nurember